Podcast with Pouya Farmand, CEO

4 May, 2021

Podcast with Pouya Farmand, CEO

Pouya Farmand on Psychedelic Therapy, Healing Emotional Trauma, and Levitee Labs

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Pouya Farmand found a deeper connection to nature, including people as part of nature, during his first psylocibin experience. Since then, he has become a self-described psychonaut and is currently CEO of Levitee Labs, an emerging multidisciplinary integrative wellness and psychedelics company that is promoting evidence-based psychedelic therapy.

Growing up in war-ravaged Iran, Pouya received an unenviable education in pervasive grief and fear. Concurrently, he also received from his grandmother profound exposure to plants and food as medicine, including for helping to heal emotional trauma. After personally being diagnosed with depression and ADHD as a young adult, Pouya chose to turn inward for healing instead of supressing symptoms through pharmacotherapy. Plants and mushrooms became his portal to inner wellness and ultimately a better way to rise from depression.

In this episode, Pouya takes us on a trip through his own journey with psychedelics, provides colourful history and lore of psychedelics, shares paradigm-shifting psychedelic clinical research and applications, and explores the genesis of his company Levitee Labs, their ethos around therapeutic freedom, and their positioning to be an industry pioneer through their mission to enhance the wellbeing of society.

“When you bring amazing minds together and align them with a vision, then the synergies that come out of it are remarkable. ”

— Pouya Farmand

Pouya is on a stratospheric trajectory into the corporate world, yet he remains grounded, heart-centred, and humble during the process. He understands that to deliver the most positive impact to humanity, his company needs to not just be successful based on the currencies of commerce and media, but, more importantly, on the virtues of integrity and human connection.   

Please enjoy this episode of Salish Wolf with Pouya Farmand.

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