My LARGEST Psychedelic Investment | $15M Revenue, $1.4M EBITDA in 2021! This Will Be HUGE.

12 August, 2021

My LARGEST Psychedelic Investment | $15M Revenue, $1.4M EBITDA in 2021! This Will Be HUGE.

Jayconomics talks about his largest psychedelic investment, Levitee Labs, a multidisciplinary integrative wellness company.

Levitee Labs is bridging traditional traditioanl mental health, addiction and pain management treatments with psychedelic applications by building a path that previously didn’t exist through their integrative wellness platform. The current approach leaves too many people suffering. This platform will transform the system that poses barriers to the wellbeing of people living with mental health, addiction, and chronic pain issues.

In this video, we’re gonna talk about a growth but massively undervalued penny stock right now, my largest psychedelic investment, Levitee Labs. This stock has no hype and is running on fundamentals. I believe fair value for this stock implies at least a 50% upside in the next few months from where it is now, and that’s not accounting for any future growth/developments this year. This is your chance to do your research into a company primed for a breakout BEFORE the actual breakout.

Levitee Labs Inc. (CSE:LVT) internal assets develop and sell mushroom extract nutraceuticals, and supplies and equipment for mushroom cultivation; MONKE and Sporeo. The MONKE division produces mushroom-based nutraceutical supplements with a primary focus on mushroom extracts. The Sporeo division produces sterilized spawn and substrates for mushroom cultivation. The company was formerly known as Fibonacci Capital Corp. and changed its name to Levitee Labs Inc. in November 30, 2020. Levitee is also focused on treating addiction through psychedelic therapy.

Something that really sets Levitee Labs apart is their growth strategy. Acquisitions will be a key for Levitee to accelerate their growth. A key part of their acquisition strategy has focussed on treating addiction. In 2021, they have acquired five medical clinics.

One factor that I always look at and prioritize is the management team. I came away with a very good first impression of that management team. I think they’re in it for the right reasons and they really want to make a difference with their products and services, which I think goes a long way. Among them, is CEO and co-founder Pouya Farmand. He is an experienced financier and entrepreneur involved in 35+ transactions.

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