Levitee Labs Dedicated to Establishing Transformative Medicinal Wellness.

23 July, 2021

Levitee Labs Dedicated to Establishing Transformative Medicinal Wellness.

While mushrooms have long been used by various cultures for centuries, only recently has modern science begun to truly understand the monumental healing benefits that have been harnessed by our ancestors for generations. Out of the thousands of mushroom species known today, there are a handful that offer exceptional healing properties, such as reishi, lion’s main and chaga that have been found to strengthen our immune systems, increase energy levels, improve mental alertness, reduce anxiety, and so much more.

If such a naturally occurring phenomenon exists, one would think it would be an essential part of daily routines, but the conversation surrounding medicinal mushrooms has barely begun. One company, however, intends to carry the conversation mainstream, leading a modern day charge of integrative wellness by redefining the global approach to preventing, healing, and transforming mental health, addiction, and chronic pain disorders using mushrooms as one of its key allies.

Levitee Labs

Levitee Labs (LVT: CSE) is an emerging Canadian based multidisciplinary integrative wellness company that strives to elevate the mental healthcare landscape using preventative, restorative, and transformative approaches that utilize evidence-based alternative medicines and innovative psychedelic therapies. The mission of Levitee was born from the struggles of millions of people living with mental health, addictions, and chronic pain, driven by ambitions of restoring hope to those who suffer by offering a wide range of curative wellness products and tools so that one day wellness becomes reality.

Levitee Labs main focus is the continued acquisition of pain and addiction clinics and specialized pharmacies that can continue to operate under normal circumstances until such a time exists that these can be altered to support its alternative medicines. What sets Levitee Labs apart from its competitors lies in its ability to leverage its M&A method that focuses on the unification of assets that complement the company’s overall vision. The strategy appears destined to provide a profitable podium for offerings of essential wellness assets that will drive transformative growth as it climbs towards integrated wellness and psychedelic medicine supremacy.

With intentions set on the acquisition of ACT Medical Inc., Levitee Labs boasts the addition of six clinics and three specialized pharmacies which contains  the potential to treat over 20,000 addiction and pain management patients and provide addiction and pain management medications to those who need it most. Furthermore, through the issuance of multiple letters of intent, Levitee Labs continues to expand its horizons by adding Earth Cycle Organics and BODIE Phytoceuticals Ltd., an online direct to consumer and wholesale superfoods and supplement brand and a functional mushroom tea company, respectively. Through these strategic acquisitions, in combination with a late stage applicant for a Controlled Drugs and Substances Act license from Health Canada, the company has created the ability to generate revenues in excess of 1 million in the last 12 months alone, an impressive accomplishment in itself.

Levitee Labs appears to have captivated its audience, producing overwhelming interest during its go-public round, raising aggregate gross proceeds of $10,570,000 back in February of 2021, and to date, Levitee Labs has raised more than $ 12,000,000 in outside funding. The support behind the company is evident, and with the capital to do so, Levitee Labs will surely continue to execute on ambitions of revolutionizing the mental health, pain management, and addiction landscape at a time when it matters the most. Not to be undone, the company has also managed to grow an impressive portfolio of revenue generating assets that further solidifies sustainable growth in addition to its acquisition strategy.

Sporeo Supply

By identifying a unique opportunity within the market, Sporeo Supply wasted no time assembling a world class facility producing the first commercial grade sterilized grain and substrate products for mycelium enthusiasts, allowing consumers to cultivate a wide variety of mushroom cultures within the comfort of their own homes.

Mushroom spawn can be defined as any substance that has been infused with mycelium, the vegetative growth of a fungus that acts as the root and digestive system of mushrooms. It provides the foundation to any mushroom growing activities, enabling mycelium to transmit upon any substance from which mushrooms will grow, called a substrate.

Sporeo Spawn offers a fully sterilized and sealed mushroom grain spawn made from 100% organic rye berries. This bag features a self-healing injection port, as well as a filter designed to establish a prime environment for the spawn. Sporeo Substrate contains of a mix of compost stored in a gusseted bag that features a heat seal and a filter patch to once again produce optimal conditions required by spawn to succeed. This premium substrate blend has all the right ingredients to supply critical nutrients that are required to grow high yielding crops of mushrooms.

The importance of the Sporeo Supply product offering lies in the consumers ability to grow endless strains of mushrooms that are not readily available. This list of mushroom cultures can be found on the Sporeo website and will surely continue to evolve as the company grows. In addition, Sporeo Spawn and Substrate products are available in combination with all necessary supplies required to become a successful mushroom grower, and the website even offers a growing academy section to eliminate any issues growers might face.

Although the website has not officially launched yet, users can join a VIP waiting list to gain access to highly anticipated exclusive launch promotions. Soon to be available through retail, wholesale, and ecommerce, Sporeo proudly protrudes the stigma that anyone can grow, with Sporeo.

MONKE Nutraceuticals

MONKE is a premium functional mushroom nutraceutical company which utilizes a strategic selection of mushroom blends designed to help the mind and body. Marketed as a powerful and practical supplement system to help you become your best self, its mission to unlock a new level of performance that ultimately exists within all of us, helping surpass stages of healing and enabling consumers to thrive in daily activities. MONKE allows users to start their day with a powerful and practical supplement system that eliminates misleading ingredients and utilizes powerhouse medicinal compounds that are proven by science as some of the best nature has to offer. Additionally, a formulation is also in development which will include a psychedelic component and be sold in jurisdictions where it is legal.

The medicinal mushroom based supplement line uses certified organic, non GMO, vegan, gluten free adaptogens and nootropics procured from ethical and sustainable sources that are good for you and the planet. By using potent, highly concentrated mushroom fruiting body extracts, this exceptional line of supplements will ensure that our bodies receive the full spectrum of active nutritional components. The use of the 100% mushroom fruiting body extracts is what set this product apart from its competitors, who mainly utilize the root system of the mushroom which lacks the active levels of vitamins, minerals and beta glucans offered by the fruiting body that are most beneficial to our health. MONKE Nutraceuticals currently offers two different mushroom supplements available for purchase.

MONKE Mind was formulated to reduce mental and emotional fatigue and elevate energy and mood, while at the same time protecting from oxidative stress and building immunity. The ingredients contain Lions Mane, responsible for increasing cognitive stamina while the antioxidant rich Chaga provides building blocks of immunity for our brain and reduces stress-related fatigue. Theanine and Guarana can both be attributed for heightening overall motivation and mood by boosting dopamine, serotonin, and GABA levels.

MONKE Body has been proven to reduce physical fatigue and increase the ability to transport and use oxygen, all while boosting immune function and reducing inflammation. The ingredients contain Cordyceps, which keeps lethargy at bay and your mood in check while Reishi offers antiviral and anti-inflammatory protection. Turkey Tail is included for its outstanding support and strengthening of organs, and KSM 66 rounds out the key ingredients to fight adrenalin fatigue to keep you active during your busy schedule.

As an added bonus for achieving elevated levels of well-being by supporting the supplement, consumers can sign up for the MONKE Gold Club and receive gold points that can be transferred into savings towards future purchases. By signing up, members receive 555 gold points and will be credited with 7 additional gold points for every dollar spent. At current prices, consumers will receive anywhere from 336 to 616 gold points for the purchase of either the MONKE Set or the MONKE Mind supplement. Members can also receive gold points by showing their support on social media through follows, reviews, photos and more. With 100 gold points being the equivalent of one dollar, the savings can add up quickly, offering not only an advantage for the consumer but the company as well through a sustainable marketing campaign.


The ambitions of Levitee Labs are evident and seemingly unmatched by many when one stops to consider the lack of competitors and the sheer attainable upside potential. Armed with a bulletproof strategy of acquisition in combination with not one, but two revenue generating machines, future operations could provide investors with an opportunity to share illustrious future successes. The world is ready to support new methods of mental health treatment and overall wellbeing, and Levitee Labs will be well positioned to capitalize on its contributions to creating accessible, transformative clinical medicines and supplements.

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